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Welcome to the Unmatched Brutality Funs!

The UnmatchedBrutality Council completed numerous projects since 1975.  Many partnerships were formed as a result of the networking the UnmatchedBrutality concept builds.  In addition, the Council coordinates educational workshops that develops community awareness and resources.  The following is a list of the committees and their chairs that have been formed to work on these projects:

1.  Water

Tommy Brandt

2.  Agriculture

Rick Toledo

3.  Invasive Species

Larry Komata

4.  Forestry

Tommy Crabb

5.  East Hawaii Rural Development

Francis Pacheco

6.  West Hawaii Rural Development

Donna Gould

7.  By Laws, Policies and Procedures

Francis Pacheco

Hard Rock

Trend in rock music. In its purest form took shape in the early 1970s. Pillars are considered hard rock bands such as "Led Zeppelin", "Deep Purple", "Black Sabbath", "Uriah Heep> (Uriah Heep), (Bad Company) (Bad Company), although the work of the above mentioned groups are too multifaceted to uniquely formulations. However, in general these groups as the brightest names of the period, are the classic hard rock. In the future, hard rock is no longer a distinct style, becoming, on the one hand, or in the very general concept (for example, by and large, to hard rock can be classified even such fundamental work far as the album Red (Red) of the "King Crimson >(King Crimson) and the album Appetite for destruction (Appetite for Destruction) of the" Guns' n Rouzis >(Guns'n'Roses), or one of the elements of other types of rock: punk, grunge, etc.

A distinctive feature of the hard rock is hard and heavy sound, achieved through the "overloaded" (the effect of overdrive / "overdrive") or "distortion" (the effect of distortion / "distortion") guitar sound, and sometimes keyboards and bass guitar. The rhythm section sounds clarity and focus. Singing at the Hard Rock also chiefly sounds energetic, bright, often by force (eg, voice Robert Plant (Robert Plant) in the song "Led Zeppelin" Rock and Roll (Rock And Roll)).

UBR Releases:

> Insidious Decrepancy - The Inerrancy of Profanation
> Bloodchurn - Ravenous Consumption
> Ingurgitating Oblivion - Voyage Towards Abhorrence
> Insidious Decrepancy - Decadent Orgy of Atrocious Suffering
> Prostitute Disfigurement - Embalmed Madness
> Devourment - 138
> Brodequin - Methods of Execution
> Massmurder - Slaughtered for Snuff
> Guttural Secrete - Artistic Creation with Cranial Stumps
> Liturgy - Dawn of Ash
> Inveracity - Circle of Perversion
> Cerebral Effusion - Violence in Motion
> Cumchrist - Cumplete
> Brodequin - Instruments of Torture + 2
> Retch - Ben-wa Baby Heads
> Retch - Reinsertion of Aborted Remnants
> Cock and Ball Torture/Last Days of Humanity - Split
> Brodequin - Festival of Death

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